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Dr. Dawn is fully vaccinated and will not provide services if sick. Dr. Dawn will come in close contact with you if you wish to be close to your pet during his or her time of passing. She will wear a mask while in your home and respects your decision if you choose not to do so. It’s your home and you should be comfortable during this difficult time. Do let Dr. Dawn know if you have specific requests so she can come prepared.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Learn more about our in-home euthanasia services below.


In-Home Pet Euthanasia

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. We know – each one of us has been there with our own pets. Our end-of-life services are designed to help you with those difficult decisions so that you can enjoy your time with your loved one without worrying about what happens next.

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Euthanasia is a selfless act of love that you give your pet – the peace of seeing them quietly slip away in your arms is a final gesture of compassion. Your pain will deepen as you say goodbye to your friend, but their pain will be no more. Comfort, peace, and dignity are gifts we can give our pets after the lifetime of unconditional love they have given us. Dr. Dawn is honored to be a part of the bond you share with your friend and we will share your burden and celebrate your memories.

Why choose In-Home Euthanasia?

In the veterinary clinic setting, euthanasia can be a very stressful experience for the pet and family; from the car ride to the noise and busy pace of a clinic. Helping your pet into the car and out of the car may be very stressful if mobility has become an issue. Having to grieve for your pet in a public place can be very upsetting. At home, your family is able to grieve in privacy and take comfort in one another. Every pet and family is unique and you can decide how you would like your final moments with your beloved pet to be.

Reasons to be at home include:

  • Less stress for your pet
  • Privacy during the appointment
  • The presence of other pets should you choose
  • Choice of location
  • Religious freedoms
  • Privacy afterward, on your terms

Cremation & Burial Services

There are many options available for you to memorialize your four-legged family member after they have passed on. Whether you choose cremation or burial, Dawn Veterinary Care will be here to go over all of your options with you and help you make the best choice for your family. When you choose cremation, your pet will come with Dr. Dawn for care by Valley Pet. Please let Dr. Dawn know if you cannot assist in carrying pets weighing more than 50 pounds. For pets weighing more than 125 pounds, please let Dr. Dawn know as special coordination may be required.

Losing a loved one is never easy, regardless of whether that family member happens to be human or animal. At Dawn Veterinary Care, we understand how emotional and painful this time can be and we want you to know that you’re not alone. Let us help you to find a way to say farewell with dignity and peace.

You have several choices regarding the aftercare of your pet. Your choices include: remaining with you for home burial or for care at the crematorium of your choice, coming with Dr. Dawn for communal or private cremation. Your pet may be privately cremated. Most pet owners prefer this option as they receive the cremains/ashes of their beloved pet. With private cremation, careful procedures are in place to ensure that only your faithful friend is returned to you. If you choose private cremation, your pet will be presented to you in a wooden urn with a plaque that has your pet’s name engraved.

You may also choose a communal cremation. For a communal cremation, your pet’s ashes/cremains will not be returned to you. They will be respectfully treated with the remains of other pets.


The Crematorium that Dr. Dawn works with is Valley Pet by Regency. They have additional options for urns, jewelry, and other memorial items. Their site is:

Standard Urn

Standard urn included with private cremation. Urn will have a nameplate bearing pet’s name

Clay Paw Print

The clay paw print is $26.50 (+ tax).

Pawprint Memory Case

The pawprint memory case is $36.50 (+ tax).

This pawprint in a shadow box frame inside a faux leather case that also offers a spot to display a photo of your furry friend both inside and out. The pawprint can also be removed from the case and displayed similar to a framed table or desktop photo.