Learn more about our fees below or use our COST ESTIMATE FORM.


Our Fees

When you have confirmed an appointment with Dawn Veterinary Care, you will receive an invoice to either your phone or to your email. Please prepare a check or cash to provide during your visit or pay the invoice by credit card prior to your appointment. Note that there is a small fee (2.9%) for a credit card.

If you are a veteran, active duty military, police or firefighter, or a senior citizen please let Dr. Dawn know.

Home Euthanasia Fee

Dawn Veterinary Care charges $325 for home euthanasia for all appointments. Please note that if your home is not in Mount Airy, New Market, or within a 20 mile radius, there will be a travel fee. 

If you have a pocket pet, please call Dr. Dawn for more information on the price. Please also call me if your pet is in need of help and you require payments or other considerations for fees. Together we can work something out if cost is an obstacle to home euthanasia, but I ask that you please discuss this with me before we schedule an appointment.

What does this include – This fee includes travel within Mount Airy, New Market, MD, and Frederick, and it includes the sedation and euthanasia for a pet of any of the species that Dawn Veterinary Care provides home euthanasia for dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, mini pigs, sheep, goats.

Please call Dr. Dawn if you have a pet of another species that needs end-of-life care.

What is not included – What is not included in the home euthanasia fee is additional travel and the cost of aftercare (cremation) services.

Please see our new Cost Estimate Form for help estimating fees.

Special Considerations

Dr. Dawn Fitzhugh served 21 years and is retired from the Army Veterinary Corps. During her time of military service, many people provided support to Dr. Fitzhugh and her family in the form of discounts, anonymous paid lunches, free coffees, kind words, and other gestures. To help pay it forward, Dr. Dawn provides home euthanasia at a discounted rate for active duty military, police, and firefighters. Dr. Dawn also provides a discounted rate for police dogs, retired military working dogs, and certified service animals (those animals specially trained to provide a service to a human and protected under the law as such).

Please call or text Dr. Dawn (301-704-5796) or email the above applies to you or your pet’s service.