Pet Aftercare Services

Learn more about our cremation services below.

Pet Aftercare

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. We know – each one of us has been there with our own pets. Our aftercare services are designed to help you with those difficult decisions after you say goodbye to your loved one.

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You have several options for how to memorialize and provide for your pet after he or she passes away. Dawn Veterinary Care offers cremation services and, through the crematorium, she works with, also offers memorial items such as pawprints. If you would like for Dr. Dawn to care for your pet, we will gently move your pet to Dr. Dawn’s vehicle after he or she has passed.

Both private and communal pet cremation is available with Dawn Veterinary Care.

COMMUNAL PET CREMATION: with a communal pet cremation, the crematorium respectfully cares for your pet’s ashes. Your pet’s ashes will not be returned to you.

PRIVATE CREMATION: Your pet’s ashes will be presented to you in an urn. These will be only your pet’s ashes. With private cremation, the most modern procedures and tracking systems are in place to ensure that your faithful pet is returned to you.

The Crematorium that Dr. Dawn works with is Agape Pet Crematorium in Boonsboro, MD. Click here to visit their site.

Dr. Dawn offers 5 different standard urns. The standard urn choices are pictured here and are included with a private cremation. Agape Pet Crematorium has additional urn choices and memorial items available at separate costs. Please review the link above or you may contact Agape Pet directly if desired.

Crematorium of your choice. You may choose to have your pet cared for by any crematorium or pet cemetery. In these cases, your pet will remain at home with you after he or she passes.

Should you choose to bury your pet, please be sure this is acceptable in your county/city/township. There may be local regulations prohibiting burial. If you do choose to bury your pet, it’s important to be sure that wildlife or other animals will not reach them. The medications used for euthanasia are dangerous.