COVID-19 information
Dr. Dawn is fully vaccinated and will not provide services if sick. Dr. Dawn will come in close contact with you if you wish to be close to your pet during his or her time of passing. She will wear a mask while in your home and respects your decision if you choose not to do so. It’s your home and you should be comfortable during this difficult time. Do let Dr. Dawn know if you have specific requests so she can come prepared.

Quality of Life Assessment

Learn more about our in-home quality of life assessment below.


In-Home Quality of Life Assessment

Is your pet having more bad days than good days? When the bad days outweigh the good days, then their quality of life has become compromised. When this happens, it is time to strongly consider in-home pet euthanasia. The fee for in-home quality of life is $75.

Dawn Care Veterinary

Quality of Life Assessment

This type of visit is valuable for families who simply need time and space to address the current quality of life concerns. We will discuss the expected changes that may occur due to your pet’s condition/illness and how to monitor by providing you tools to help arrive more clearly at an end of life decision. We will discuss how the end-of-life process occurs and any questions or concerns you may have related to this topic. We will not discuss in depth your pet’s current medical plan or recommend any adjustments to that.